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Qompact is a lifestyle product, designed to meet the changing needs of the modern homeowner. Whether one is renovating, updating, or starting new construction, Qompact never looks like an afterthought.


qompact mega

Enjoy increased profit margins for large-scale commercial applicatons


  • 16% cost savings in large scale commercial applications, due to reduced material
  • Half the assembly labor of 40mm shutters
  • Half the fasteners of 40mm shutters
  • Allows the customer to experience the benefits of Qompact in large-scale commercial application
  • Sustainability: enjoy energy savings without adding to your carbon footprint


  • Security protection
  • Scratch-free operation
  • 99% Recyclable
  • Spring-assist operation




Qompact Vision available for increased visibility and sunlight

recommended applications

  • Commercial Market – typically above finished ceiling

key components

  • Rails: Qompact Evolution E2-HR rails
  • Slats: Qompact #12
  • Drive Tube: steel 70mm octagonal
  • Box Housing: existing inventory


  • Torsion Spring: up to 15 sq meters
  • Standard Tube Motors: up to 19 sq meters
  • External Motors: up to 32 sq meters