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Qompact is a lifestyle product, designed to meet the changing needs of the modern homeowner. Whether one is renovating, updating, or starting new construction, Qompact never looks like an afterthought.

Qompact Q-Mini

qompact mini

Great for counter shutters and small applications. Q-Mini uses Qompact Slat #1 with your existing mini rails


  • Less inventory required, increased profit
  • Excellent design alternative for customers who prefer the look of a thinner slat
  • Box Housin smaller than traditional foam-filled shutter


  • Uses existing mini rails paired with Qompact Slat #1
  • non-retained
  • Protection: privacy, security, and sun shading
  • Scratch-free operation
  • 99% Recyclable
  • Spring-assist operation




Qompact Vision available for increased visibility and sunlight

recommended applications

  • Commercial Market: counter shutters, smaller application
  • Residential Market: alternative for customers who like the look of a thinner slat

key components

  • Rails: Existing mini rails
  • Slats: Qompact #1, starter slat
  • Drive Tube: 70mm
  • Box Housing: existing inventory


  • Manual: strap, pole crank, push up/pull down
  • Motor Operated: switch or remote controls