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Qompact is a lifestyle product, designed to meet the changing needs of the modern homeowner. Whether one is renovating, updating, or starting new construction, Qompact never looks like an afterthought.

Qompact Evolution E1 HR


Our complete proprietary design


  • Reduces the size of porch panels for external mounting
  • Increases insulation for internal mounting because of a smaller coil size
  • Elegant design compliments existing architecture
  • Privacy that also protects against intruders, storms, and sun
  • Sustainability: enjoy energy savings without adding to your carbon footprint


  • Curtain widths up to 6100mm
  • Box size 40-50% smaller than foam-filled shutters
  • Wind protection
  • Protection: privacy, security, and sun-shading
  • Scratch-free operation
  • 99% recyclable
  • Spring-assist operation


Evolution Profile


Qompact Vision available for increased visibility and sunlight

recommended applications

  • Residential: surface mount, between wall, soft mount
  • Commercial: direct to storefront mullions (internal) or to external building structure

key components

  • Rails: Qompact Evolution E1-HR Rails
  • Slats: Qompact #1-12, starter slat
  • Drive Tube: 70mm
  • Box Housing: existing inventory


  • Manual: strap, pole crank, push up/pull down
  • Motor Operated: switch or remote controls
  • EZ Drive low voltage motor: operate multiple shutters with one smart drive controller