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Qompact is a lifestyle product, designed to meet the changing needs of the modern homeowner. Whether one is renovating, updating, or starting new construction, Qompact never looks like an afterthought.



Qompact’s Torsion Spring Assist Control Systems

Qompact has a non-slip hinge, which allows for the use of a torsion spring inside the tube opposite the control mechanism.

The spring assist has many advantages to standard shutter controls:

manual strap

manual_strapA manual pull strap can be used on larger shutter sizes since the weight of the shutter is neutralized. The spring provides a counterbalance resulting in the shutter looking in the down position.

manual gear

pole_crankThe spring assist neutralizes the weight and enables gear opertion for larger shutters and requires less effort to rotate the hand crank.

  • up to 6.5 sq meters

manual push-up/pull down

push_up_downWhere most shutters require motors, the Qompact spring-operated shutter allows for push-up/pull down operation. This saves on both shutter and electrical costs. Large, spring-operated shutters are useful for entry doors, as egress (life safety) issues are not a concern. Simple base-slat locks enable security, but allow for escape during fire or power failures. Spring operation is available up to 13 sq meters without motors or gears.

Solar Power Operation

solar_ panelEnjoy energy savings from a roller shutter that does not add to your energy cost. Because of its spring-loaded tube, Qompact requires less power for operation. This makes it possible to operate Qompact with a solar-powered battery.

motorized with line voltage (220v)

wall_switchThe torsion spring allows for smaller motors and extends motor life. It also acts as a safety feature that prohibits a failed motor to allow a shutter curtain to free-fall.

  • up to 19 sq meters w/tube motors
  • up to 30 sq meters w/external motors

EZ Drive low voltage motor (14.4v)


  • One smart drive controller operates multiple shutters
  • Rechargeable battery power – no worries about power failure
  • Solar use possible
  • up to 6.5 sq meters