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Qompact is a lifestyle product, designed to meet the changing needs of the modern homeowner. Whether one is renovating, updating, or starting new construction, Qompact never looks like an afterthought.


In addition to giving you more opportunities for revenue, Qompact will increase your company’s profitability.

Recyclability means more usable euros/dollars.

Qompact is 99% recyclable. That’s not just a huge savings for the planet, it’s a huge savings for the manufacturer.

With Qompact, you can recycle 100% of your manufacturing waste – yielding more savings back into your business.

reduce inventory

The Qompact system uses the same slats and rails for both commercial and residential applications.

decrease equipment & manufacturing overhead

One system for commercial, residential, security, weather, small sizes and extra large shutters up to 6000 mm wide or 5000 mm tall.

eliminate competition with exclusive licensing

Qompact is patent protected and will be offered by exclusive regional licenses.

Capitalize on a unique product and gain access to new markets without competition copying your product.