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Qompact Evolution

Qompact Evolution E1 HR


Our complete proprietary design


  • Reduces the size of porch panels for external mounting
  • Increases insulation for internal mounting because of a smaller coil size
  • Elegant design compliments existing architecture
  • Privacy that also protects against intruders, storms, and sun
  • Sustainability: enjoy energy savings without adding to your carbon footprint


  • Curtain widths up to 6100mm
  • Box size 40-50% smaller than foam-filled shutters
  • Wind protection
  • Protection: privacy, security, and sun-shading
  • Scratch-free operation
  • 99% recyclable
  • Spring-assist operation


Evolution Profile


Qompact Vision available for increased visibility and sunlight

recommended applications

  • Residential: surface mount, between wall, soft mount
  • Commercial: direct to storefront mullions (internal) or to external building structure

key components

  • Rails: Qompact Evolution E1-HR Rails
  • Slats: Qompact #1-12, starter slat
  • Drive Tube: 70mm
  • Box Housing: existing inventory


  • Manual: strap, pole crank, push up/pull down
  • Motor Operated: switch or remote controls
  • EZ Drive low voltage motor: operate multiple shutters with one smart drive controller