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Worlds First Sustainable


You choose a roller shutter when you want a smaller carbon footprint. You choose Qompact when you want the smallest carbon footprint.

the world’s first sustainable residential roller shutter

  • Qompact curtain is 100% Recyclable
  • Qompact shutter is 99% Recyclable
  • Qompact is 60% Recycled*
  • Qompact is 99% Aluminum
  • Qompact has No Foam Filling
  • Qompact has No Waste


less material

Qompact provides a superior product with 45% less material than typical extruded shutters.

energy savings

In energy efficiency tests, Qompact has performed as well or better than the standard foam-filled slat.

electricity-free operation with Qompact solar power battery

Enjoy energy savings from a roller shutter that does not add to your energy cost.

Because of its spring-loaded tube, Qompact requires less power for operation. This makes it possible to operate Qompact with a solar-powered battery.

* percentage based on average from aluminum suppliers