CounterGuard® Transparent Safety Barrier

$129 each*

*qty 1-10. Consult salesperson for large qty order pricing

29.5”w x 38”h

  • Protect staff and customers from airborne transmissions
  • Maintain transmission protection when social distancing is not possible during consultations and payment transactions
  • PROTECTION IN MINUTES: Quick assembly with no tools and set in place
  • CLEAR POLYCARBONATE: Unbreakable, safe, clear, protective
  • Fast launch for national distribution
  • Easy to ship

Mobile Store

Nearly invisible clear barrier at all transaction counters. Just stand in place.

Gas Station

Bottom cut-outs 12” tall as shown in gas station to access credit card machines and to pass thru products.

Note: Photos enhanced with outline to show coverage area. Actual product is completely clear


29” widths enable the CounterGuards to be stood side-by-side for larger counter areas such as pharmacies.

  • No obstructions verbally or visually
  • CLEANING: Use mild glass cleaner and MICROFIBER towels only. No paper or abrasive materials may be used for cleaning


Restaurant workers can process payments and hand take-out orders thru bottom cut out while fully protected.