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Storefront Rolling Shutters Overview


StoreSafe – Rolling Shutters

The StoreSafe product line offers premium protection, while still maintaining product visibility. StoreSafe shutters create a powerful security barrier to protect your valuable inventory. After installing StoreSafe shutters, retailers have reported up to a 70% decrease in attempted burglaries. Some StoreSafe security shutters are also hurricane-approved. There are several StoreSafe shutter styles to fit your security budget and visibility preferences. StoreSafe interior storefront shutters are often complemented with CounterSafe or ProductSafe products for ultimate high-value inventory or pharmaceutical protection.

  • Strongest single-wall rollup shutter available
  • Smallest box housing available with Qompact system
  • Prevent break-ins
  • “Vision” and solid slats available
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Protect against extreme weather
  • Hurricane-approved
  • Helps prevent water damage

StoreSafe – Solid Profile


  • Eliminates views inside – preventing burglars from planning attacks
  • Maximum security – strongest single wall solid shutter in the industry
  • Saves energy – protects against extreme temperatures and weather
  • When exterior mounted – hurricane-approved protection

Available in AL7 system or the industry’s smallest Qompact roll shutter system.

StoreSafe – Vision Profile


  • Great storefront security – most popular security curtain available
  • Several punch patterns available – allows for ventilation and vision
  • Secures inventory – prevents theft and “smash and grabs”
  • Easy to use – lightweight and can secure a storefront in seconds
  • Manual and motorized – choices based on size, budget, and codes

Click Here for AL7 Technical Specifications
See retailer store installation video.

Punch Patterns:

Four vision profile families are available at broad investment ranges.

StoreSafe Grilles and Linked Gates


  • Strong steel security gates – prevents theft and “smash and grabs”
  • Easy to operate – allows for ventilation and vision
  • Security options – prevents theft and “smash and grabs”
  • Style options – lightweight and can secure a storefront in secondss

Click here for Grille Technical Specifications

LX6 clear polycarbonate slat system


  • Clear protection with limited slat structure
  • Impact resistant – 2.3mm polycarbonate
  • Available with tubular and external motors-depending on size
  • Polycarbonate is 250 times stronger than glass of the same thickness

Click here for LX6 Technical Specifications

Transparoll heavy duty polycarbonate clear protection


  • First class protection – the ultimate in security
  • Premium visibility – essentially a rolling “glass” window
  • Impact and scratch resistant- 6mm polycarbonate
  • Powerful protection – 250 times stronger than glass of the same thickness

Click here for Transparoll Technical Specifications