Window Security Grilles


  • Prevents theft
  • Easy to use
  • Prevents “smash and grabs”
  • Cost effective
  • Allows for ventilation
  • Alulux designed
  • Prevents exterior graffiti
  • Available in two link patterns
  • Maintains product visibility
  • Complies with 70% visibility ordinance


grilles_02Security grilles are an excellent way to protect inventory, while maintaining visibility. Often used in kiosks, security grilles are a cost-effective investment. QMI is the only Alulux “Specialist Dealer” for window security grilles in the United States.  Alulux is the industry leader in Europe. A German company, Alulux has a long history of quality engineering and design. QMI was selected to be the one and only dealer of Alulux in North America because of its impressive network of installers, and expertise in both commercial and residential security grilles and window security gates.


CD88 Rolling Security Grille CD78 Alulux Rolling Grille

CD 78 series is designed for the high levels of security where visibility is still required. CD 78 is 3′ 1/8″ tall by 3/4″ deep. Each punched opening is 3 1/2″ x 1 1/2″. PVC inserts are included for noise reduction. These window security gates have optional polycarbonate inserts and steel inserts for added security.

CD900-B Rolling Security Grille CD900 Alulux Rolling Grille

CD 900 series is designed for those applications that require standard security grilles. CD 900 series is 3 7/8″ tall by 1/2″ deep. CD 900A has a mesh spacing of 4″ and the CD 900B has a mesh spacing of 2.

Loss prevention solutions with merchandising in mind

Alulux security grilles may be mounted either on the interior or exterior surface of the storefront glazing. Some cities have ordinances requiring 70% openness on window security gates and grilles. New York City has such an ordinance to help reduce the surface area available for graffiti. Recently, a national pharmacy chain in New York City could not use the perforated or solid QMI shutter systems due to this new requirement. The Alulux CD900 was the perfect solution for this application. The first goal in retail security is to deter intruders from even attempting a break in. Interior mounted window security gates provide an additional layer that a criminal would have to find a way to get through. Often, a criminal will break a glass window or door to enter the business, thus setting off an alarm. A security grille creates another barrier between the merchandise, causing the intruder to flee before the police arrive.

If it will take a burglar more than 2 to 3 minutes to enter a store, grab the merchandise, and flee the scene, most times  they won’t even try. Watch this: Apple Store Smash and Grab video; you can see the burglars break the glass and steal more than $25,000 of merchandise in just 31 seconds. The full-time security guard is unable to stop the robbery and the store is wiped clean. No window security gates or rolling grilles were used to protect that store. Do you think the four burglars in the video would have even attempted this break in if an additional layer of security existed like QMI security grilles? Recently, one of QMI’s customers added storefront security grilles after suffering from four break-ins in their first four months of operation. It’s now been more than 18 months now since QMI security grilles were installed, and they have not even had an attempted break in. Watch the Retail Installation video to see how the shutters provide protection.