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Rolling Storm Shutters StormSafe_2015

StormSafe shutters protect against extreme storms, wind, weather, and temperatures. These quality shutters come in seven different styles. QMI’s Bahama, Colonial, hurricane fabric, stainless steel mesh, clear storm panels, accordion, and Roll-a-way shutters are all hurricane-approved. All shutters are also available in four box housing shapes. Learn more…

Roll-a-way StormSafe PhotoHomeSafe_2015

QMI’s HomeSafe line provides door and window security for residential homes. These shutters and security screens provide safety against burglars, intruders, and extreme weather. Shutters and screens also help protect against UV fading, reduce outside noise pollution, and save energy. HomeSafe security screens and shutters are available in several style and color options. Learn more…

Transparoll Shutters StoreSafe_2015

According to a recent survey among retailers, installing QMI rolling metal shutters reduces the number of burglary attempts to almost zero. QMI StoreSafe security shutters help pharmacies, electronic stores, cell phone companies, and retailers protect their businesses from harm. StoreSafe metal shutters come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors. Learn more…

Metal Counter ShuttersCounterSafe_2015

QMI rolling metal shutters are the perfect security option for kiosks, service windows, and pharmacies. Counter shutters allow the merchandise to be visible, yet protected. These rolling counter shutters are available in seven colors, four box housing shapes, and a variety of solid and perforated slats. Learn more…

Rolling Security Case
Designed to protect inventory, ProductSafe steel cases with integrated security shutters help loss prevention efforts. These cases are available in several colors, sizes, and style options. Product cases are also available with additional features, including drawers, baskets, and peg hooks. The ProductSafe line also offers clear rolling shutters and roll top style cases to protect valuable inventory. Learn more…

Safety. Savings. Security Solutions.

These days, safety is more important than ever. Business owners and families must protect themselves against outside elements. That’s where we come in. QMI high quality metal shutters protect residential and commercial buildings from criminals, extreme weather, flying debris, and hurricane strength winds.

QMI offers metal shutters in a variety of options from five major categories: StormSafe, HomeSafe, CounterSafe, StoreSafe, and ProductSafe. All five categories have metal shutters that are available in a mill or painted finish. The StormSafe and HomeSafe product lines also offer non-metal shutters with reinforced PVC slat curtains. The PVC shutter is very useful to protect structures against extreme weather conditions, reduce noise, and provide energy savings.

Exterior shutters originated in Europe more than 100 years ago to combat the high cost of energy, security protection, and for noise. Most homes in Germany, Spain, Italy, and others in Europe are protected with exterior rolling metal shutters. Every storefront in a European city is protected with metal shutters. Seeing an unprotected storefront would seem strange and unnatural in Florence, Madrid, or Berlin.