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Side Folding Security Shutters

QMI’s line of Pull Across Grilles offer an alternative to rolling shutters where openings exceed 20’ (6.1M) in width or a curvilinear design is desired. Pull Across Grilles gates are typically hidden in side pockets, but once pulled out the the pocket, the gate may follow the contour of an expansive store opening, curving counter, or circular kiosk. Pull Across Grilles are available in nearly unlimited widths and up to 12 ft. (3.6M) tall.

The commercial accordion gate only utilizes a 1-3/4 x 1-3/4 top track which may be flush mounted to the ceiling or hidden into a recessed channel. The accordion panels are suspended beneath a two-wheeled ball-bearing carrier captured into the top track. No side tracks or bottom rails are required. Small dust-proof floor floor sockets are provided every 6-8’ of width for the vertical locking rods to secure. Otherwise, the Pull Across Grilles are obstruction free.

QMI offers seven styles of Pull Across Grilles ranging from solid to near 100% visibility, plus many decorative elements from which to choose. QMI’s Pull Across Grilles also have some special features such as non-pinching hinges, single-action locking levers, and reversible locking posts unique to other folding gate manufacturers.


Polycarbonate inserts are shatterproof, yet lightweight and still offer nearly perfect vision into the store or kiosk.
Polycarbonate is 250 times stronger than glass of the same thickness.

Note: horizontal lines illustrate Polycarbonate inserts and NOT glass.


Solid aluminum panels are captured into the vertical blades of this opaque Pull Across Grilles style gate. The Q-Solid keeps
away both curious fingers and too-curious eyes from the protected space.


The perforated panel inserts enable excellent vision into the secured space, but still allow air to flow through the
accordion blades. Q-Air is perfect for spaces needing high security separated by a gate, but who share the same
HVAC system such as: pharmacy counters, bank vestibule ATM rooms, or mailing centers with 24 hour access
separated from the regular hour space.


Q-Guard offers a design element to an open-style grille.


The most economical and light weight open style sliding grille, it easily blends with any décor, providing unobtrusive protection. Its fine, graceful lines and high visibility make the Q-Classic an effective barrier, while maintaining a sense of open space.