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Securing Airport Spaces

  • High security with visibility totally obstructed
  • High security with visibility toward a light source

Physical security barriers from QMI Security Solutions enable airports to securely funnel traffic or protect spaces when not in use. The QMI products virtually disappear when not in use. Select from clear polycarbonate, solid slats, or vision slat rolling or sliding gates for nearly all airport spaces.

Polycarbonate Shutters

Stackdoor – Grille

Side-Folding Grilles

Airport Perimeter Security Shutters

Operable security barriers from QMI may be motorized, third party automated, or manually operated to separate public and highly secure spaces. High strength and tested for high usage, QMI shutters and gates provide aesthetically pleasing choices for security.

Product Customization

Colors, perforation, and automation are all available options. We provide a range of customization with each of our products, including custom colors. Contact us today to find the best fit for your project.


Choose from 7 standard available colors* or your own unique brand color on almost all of our security shutters and security screens.

*Color options vary by product model. Please contact your QMI representative for more information.

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With Solid and perforated options, you decide how visible the interior is from the outside.

closing metal gate


closing metal gate


Control Options

Manual Gear/Crank


Manual Push-up/Pull-down

Third Party Options Avail.


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