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security Shutters

Gas Stations and C-Stores

Stop Burglaries and Looting without Compromising your Store’s Aesthetics

With the industry’s smallest top box and 7 Colors to match your storefront mullions, the open security shutters virtually disappear from a customer’s view. With our perforated slat system, leave some lights on and future customers will have full visibility into the store all night long. Law enforcement officers appreciate the “vision shutters” as they can see in during nightly patrols. Only a would-be burglar will be disappointed to encounter QMI security shutters.

Secure Your C-Stores in Seconds with QMI® Security Shutters and Screens

With a flip of a switch, or manual pull-down operation, security shutters protect your door and window openings in seconds. Our security screens are fixed in place so rocks or bricks just bounce off – providing permanent 24/7 protection with a product that appears to be only a bug screen.

Block Access to Nightly Vagrants

Close off covered areas and bathroom access to vagrants who may select your location for shelter. With security shutter widths up to 19′, your open shopping environment can be protected all night long. Both vision slats and solid slat shutter curtains are available.

With nearly 35 years of security shutter experience and more than 35,000 retail locations protected by QMI products, we have the skills to do the job right. You can have confidence knowing your investment is well protected.

Product Customization

Colors, perforation, and automation are all options with QMI Security shutters. We provide a range of customization with each of our products, including custom colors based on your unique brand colors. Contact us today to find the best fit for your needs and look.


Choose from 7 standard available colors* or your own unique brand color on almost all of our security shutters and security screens.

*Some colors may not be available on certain product types. Please contact your QMI representative for more information.


With two perforation options, you decide how visible the interior of your location is from the outside.



Control Options

Take control of your security with any of our control options

Manual Gear/Crank

Hz/RTS Remote Control

Manual Push-up/Pull-down


Third Party Options Avail.

Automation / App Control

The ultimate innovation. Use the Somfy app to control your security shutters with a tap on your phone.

Security Screens

QMI security screens protect against projectiles like bricks and rocks.

Merchandise Security Case

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