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Security Screens

window security screens custom made

  • Prevents theft
  • Allows for ventilation
  • Provides security
  • Allows for Visibility
  • Custom shapes
  • Energy savings
  • Subtle looking

HomeSafe Security Screens – Break-In Test

Security screens are an excellent choice for powerful yet subtle protection. The aluminum frame is fabricated to integrate with a building’s design while providing maximum security with minimal visual impact. The low profile frame fits building contours and the stainless steel mesh only has the appearance of a heavy bug screen. Custom frames may be fabricated to follow arches, polygons, circles, triangles, and most shapes rolling shutters can’t accommodate.

custom made window security screens

stainless steel mesh security screens for windows

StoreSafe stainless steel mesh allows for clear exterior views. The muted black mesh enables people to see toward the greatest degree of light, making daytime views to the outside clear and nighttime lighted storefront displays clearly visible. Only slightly darker than a regular screen, steel mesh provides security without the need for unsightly metal bars.

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