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Retail Theft Prevention

What can retailers do to prevent loss from theft and burglary?

Security guards, cameras, and alarms aren’t a big deterrent for thieves anymore. Sometimes I think ski masks were invented the day security cameras were introduced. No one pays attention to alarm sounds and cops have so many false alarms, they don’t/can’t pay attention either. Okay, then guards must be the answer. If you watch the Apple store break-in video, you see an example of $50k in annual security expenditures wasted.

Burglars are just like other people-they like to park close, get in quickly, get their merchandise, (important step skipped here), and get back to their car and on their way. If it’s not convenient, they just won’t do their business with this retailer. Some burglars are even getting so lazy, they are trying to park their cars inside the stores and back into the glass doors. As you saw from the Apple store burglary video, the cameras got some really nice footage of 5 masked people and one scared security guard for the Evening News. 31 Seconds. The burglars took more than $20,000 worth of computer equipment in 31 seconds.

Do you think the burglars would have tried to break in if they knew it would take 3, 4, 5 or more minutes to get into that Apple store? Barbed wire comes to mind, but might not send the right message to future customers. Take a look at the Technology Store Security Solutions video next. It’s only 5 minutes long and shows you how to repel these criminals.

Apple Store Break-in

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