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HomeSafe Rolling Shutters

Transcript: HomeSafe Security Shutters

Family: In the backyard by the slide, yep. I think he sees your golf club.

Matt: Ok, lets see how hard this is going to be… What happened?

Family: The golf club door opened.

QMI: Phil is planning on fixing the door during the summer months, but my team we only have today, so we are taking matters into our own hands. This is the ultimate deterrent: 200 pounds of unbreakable, unbeatable retractable metal.

Matt: Now, this is just a protective gate and watch it seal up really tight.
Look how that closes

Family: Wow.

Matt: If a guy sees this, he knows you are taking security very, very seriously.

Matt: Pretty neat, huh?

Ex-burglar: What is the hell is this?

Matt: You like that don’t ya

Ex-burglar: Where’s my easy glass door and golf club? I’ll tell you what. This rocks because no one is getting in through this. No one.