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Retailer Installation

Transcription: Retail Installation

Narrator: Prior to moving to this new Chicago location, area technology stores suffered numerous break-ins. since installing shutters at this new location, they have not incurred a single break-in. The QMI shutters have enabled this technology store to have uninterrupted retail hours without broken glass or board ups. A store manager using a pull hook to lower the shutters. Springs are located inside the shutter tubes, providing a lift assist. Operating the shutters requires less than 15 pounds of effort to lower or to raise. Thumb locks secure the shutters bottom rail into the mortise side rails for security. The keyblock is manufactured off center when double doors exist, to allow easy access to lockup. This Chicago city store received 13 manual security shutters.

Here, we see the installation of the security shutter system at the front door. First, color matched build out tubes are attached to the store moldings to provide clearance for the door closure. Side rails are attached to the shutter roll housing and the entire system is leveled and mounted to the buildout tubes. The shutter is tested to ensure the spring-assisted manual shutter is easy for the store manager to operate

A bottom lock is operated on a thumbturn inside. The color-matched access panel completes the shutter installation. The installation is completed and the store cleaned and straightened prior to opening. QMI’s most popular shutter for retail storefront applications, uses a perforated slat, the P51 punch pattern shown her, protects the stores contents, but still enables nighttime merchandising. Typically, the shutter color matches the stores moldings. Plus, the shutters virtually disappear during store hours, but remind would-be intruders that this store is well protected at night. QMI’s patented end-retention system deters intruders by preventing the shutter curtain from being pried or smashed out of the rails.

Inventory room doors may receive this customized solution to protect against intruders, ye enable easy access for employees. As shown in this model, the side rails are bolted to the inventory room wall attached to the door frame. QMI attaches steel plates as reinforcement washers on the room side – this prevents crowbar forced entry, yet maintains the aesthetic environment of this technology store. The ProductSafe case provides an added layer of security and time delay to keep the determined burglars away from the shopping environment.

QMI is proud to help retailers reduce intruder theft and damage, while safely allowing your storefronts to keep selling for you all night long highest valued inventory. We know you invest in providing your customers with a pleasant shopping environment. QMI is proud to help retailers reduce intruder theft and damage, while safely allowing your storefronts to continue selling for you all night long.

Apple Smash & Grab

Apple Store Smash and Grab

Jim: Evesham Township police are searching tonight for the five bandits who hit the Apple store in Marlton. The thieves broke into the store through a plate glass window, then scooped up merchandise like a holiday shopping spree, but not before motioning to a security guard that they had a gun. It happened at the Promenade shopping center on Route 73, that’s where action news reporter Dan Cuellar is live tonight. Dan.

Dan: Jim this is an upscale shopping center where behind me you see the maintenance guy still working on the front doors to the Apple computer store that were shattered early this morning during the burglary. You can’t find metal grate storefronts here. But as you’re about to witness exclusively on action news, despite having a security guard and surveillance cameras, they sure could have used them.

Reporter: You are about to witness exclusive first hand surveillance footage of the spectacular smash and grab. The scene: the Apple computer store at the Promenade shopping center in Evesham. It’s after closing and the security guard is seen making his rounds in the store. But at 2:05 am, thieves hit the store’s plate glass door with a blunt object, like pros, they bring it shattering down with one strike. Then, with precision timing the five males enter the store and clean house like there’s no tomorrow. Each one went in different directions, lifting Macbook Pros that can run up to $3,000. In all, they took 23 Macbook Pros, 14 iPhones, and 9 iPod touches – and all in 31 seconds flat. Later, the security guard is seen running in after the thieves had practically picked the place clean, leaving only the price tags behind. The thieves seem savvy enough to know how to play the guard, making a gesture like they were in possession of a handgun. Watch again as the thieves show skilled practice at the art of bringing down that plate glass door and savvy enough to wear masks knowing there would be surveillance cameras all over the place. The cameras show that two of the suspects were wearing a black sweatshirt and a third wearing a red vest with a light colored long sleeved shirt underneath.

Dan: Back again here live outside the Apple computer store. Evesham police need your help in trying to bring these criminal pros to justice. Please go online and take a look at that surveillance footage again a little later, if you have to. Anyone with info is being asked to call police at (856)983-9111 or the confidential tip line at (856)988-4699. We’re live here at Evesham Township, New Jersey. I’m Dan Cuellar, channel 6, Action News.

Jim: Thank you, Dan.