14’ tall – 6” Deep Stacking Space

Minimum Installation Space

Rolling security grilles typically require 18-20” of square headbox space for the top drive tube and the coiling grille curtain. Stackdoor’s innovation enables the ½” horizontal bars to stack on top of each other, rather than rolling around a drive tube. A head depth of only
SIX INCHES is needed for a Stackdoor up to 14’ tall. The drive motor engages a chain in the 4.75” wide by 2.75” deep side tracks to raise and lower the security grilles. The vertical alternating stainless-steel pins disappear into the actual stack of the horizontal bars and bottom slat as they stack during upward movement. Mounting is required only at the side tracks; thus, no special headers or hanger structure is needed.

Optimal Transparency

The stainless-steel horizontal bars are only ½” tall, with 4.65” space in between-providing a 91% visibility factor through the grille. Stackdoor’s design easily meets the mandated visibility requirements for New York City and San Francisco. As anti-graffiti regulations expand to other locales, Stackdoor grilles will remain compliant. Law enforcement desires an open grille system as well, so when responding to an alarm, they have complete visibility prior to entering the store.

Stackdoor Introduction

Stackdoor Up (bottom stack)

Stackdoor Small Storefront

Motors and Automation

Available options include:

  • Single switch control
  • Group control switch using relays
  • Remote control operation for single or grouped Stackdoors
  • Keypad/key-switch operation
  • Somfy motor’s myLink WIFI interface control for tablet or
    smart phone APP control

    • Scheduled operations
    • Scene creations
    • Group controls
    • myLink provides JSON protocols to interface third
      party control systems
  • Optional: manual hand crank override (not for egress
  • 5-year motor warranty*
  • *parts only for 5 years. $25 handling fee applies. Labor cost or motor
    access labor not included. Warranty does not restart.

Flexible Design Options

  • Width: up to 19’-6”
  • Height: up to 16’
  • Optional: Stackdoor-Up, motor-up operation to secure
    opening. Open gate stack then is parked at the bottom knee
    wall or recessed into the floor
  • Depth: thin profile, 6” deep cavity for top or bottom stack-no
    structural support needed for top stack
  • Drive chain control provides locking mechanism-no separate
    locks required
  • Recessed installation or exposed face mount with optional top
    stack cover
  • Two-piece side track for face or jamb mount applications
  • Standard stainless-steel bars and pins with optional custom
    (RAL colors) powder coat paint

Section View Std. Stackdoor

Standard Stackdoor

Stackdoor Up